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October 2014

Office space in the central London market

According to research done by CBRE and Morgan Pryce, the supply of office space in the Central London market is the lowest it has been for just over six and a half years; Fraser Williams a director at Morgan Pryce states that “the supply of office space has been trending...
31st October 2014

What effects real estate?

Since August 2012, property prices have been on the rise, with market optimism reflecting the enhanced mood within the industry. However, there are some within the property world that believe that the market will no longer improve at the rates seen over the last couple of years, as Fraser Williams...
30th October 2014

The new building on the block

With the increase in demand of office space on a rise post 2008 recession, it would only make sense that we are seeing cranes in the sky everywhere we look. But what is up and coming? A notable development which is currently being built for occupations in late 2017 to...
28th October 2014

Tenants looking for best deals

Tenants are increasingly looking to alternative London locations in their quest for the best possible deals. As tenants come out of their current leases, many of which were drawn up mid-recession when prices were low, they are faced with a sobering conundrum; stay in their current location where rents have...
27th October 2014

The Future of Soho

What has the future got in store for this quirky historic village situated in the middle of the West End? We all know it has come a long way from the time it was full of strip clubs and night walkers. An area famous for the time a naked woman...
24th October 2014

The rise of residential rules

Demand is strong throughout London for all types of office space, in all types of locations. From Knightsbridge to Shoreditch, London Bridge to Swiss Cottage, there is a limited amount of supply of space. Recent relaxations in planning regulations have further increased the pressure on supply/demand situation, with many landlords...
23rd October 2014

Foreign investment in the UK

It is common knowledge that London’s market is drenched with overseas investors making up more than 75% of the market share. It is now being seen that investment in the rest of the United Kingdom is also becoming increasingly offshore based. In the last decade the level of overseas ownership...
21st October 2014

Sustainability and the effect on commercial property values

There are many definitions for sustainability but the most highly recognised by those in the property world and government is from Brundtland Commission report ‘Our Common Future’ 1987 - “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. 
20th October 2014

Government to shed London buildings

Where business has gone, the government appears to be following. Over the last few years we have seen big business, included the banking and insurance sectors, moving their staff away from central London and out to the fringe areas or even the fringe areas encircling the capital in an attempt...
13th October 2014

The Hammersmith towers

The Hammersmith Towers, individually known as Landmark House and Thames Tower, are situated adjacent to each other on Hammersmith Bridge Road. They are steel frame constructions with the Thames Tower office space arranged over ground and ten upper floors and Landmark House arranged over fifteen floors – together they total...
12th October 2014

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