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Bringing the benefits of height adjustable desks to the workplace

Bringing the benefits of height adjustable desks to the workplace
24th February 2020

Bringing the benefits of height adjustable desks to the workplace

Height adjustable (or sit-stand) desks are becoming increasingly popular around the globe as a direct result of research which has shown that sitting down all day while working is detrimental to health. It burns very few calories and has been linked to weight gain and obesity, which can in turn lead to an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. 

In addition, sit-stand workstations allow the user to work in a position that feels most comfortable to them, which in turn helps them be more focused and creative. Employees who alternate between sitting and standing have reported having more energy, reduced fatigue and better productivity throughout the day.

Research has also shown that standing more at work can prevent muscle aches and other back problems typically associated with remaining sedentary and hunching over a computer for long periods of time.

Using height adjustable desks in the office

Sitting for long periods is simply not good for the body or productivity. It affects posture and increases the risk of illness. Height adjustable desks prompt users to change the way they work and increase mobility in order to improve circulation, wellbeing and productivity. However, with employees generally used to sitting down at a desk to work you may need to get creative to encourage the adoption of such a radical way of working. Here are a few things you can try to promote the use of height adjustable desks in the workplace:


The best place to start is by promoting awareness of all the drawbacks of sitting still for extended periods of time and all the benefits sit-stand desks can bring about with consistent use.

Mechanised adjustment controls

Installing a desk that can be adjusted at the touch of a button will help to minimise the use of ‘can’t be bothered’ excuses. This option is also best for employees of all ability and will ensure that everyone has access to the benefits of the desk, including those who may not have the dexterity or strength to operate manual cranks or controls.

Apps and aids

Google really took the idea of working out while you work seriously and installed treadmills with its standing desks which have proved very popular with employees. If this is a step too far for your budget as well as your workforce, there are still a number of incentives you can use to encourage the use of height adjustable desks, such as phone and workout apps that remind you when it’s time to change position or do some exercise.

Promote good habits

Finally, come up with ways to encourage employees to take sit-stand desks from novelty to routine by promoting habit-forming behaviours. For example, if staff do a lot of screen work or sit through a lot of meetings, suggest always standing and working for a while when they return to their desks.

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