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Music to work from home to

Music to work from home to
22nd April 2020

Music to work from home to

At a time when so many of us are working from home, in a very different environment to the one we’re used to and often with a less-than-ideal setup, music can provide an escape from outside distractions or improve focus during dull tasks.

But what type of music should we be listening to? Anything that’s too intricate or heavy can be distracting, but if it’s too slow and peaceful it can have a negative impact on productivity.

Here are five music types recommended for working, along with short explanations of how they can impact mood and output.

1. Classical Music

Studies have confirmed that listening to classical music enhances our ability to focus, solve puzzles, and perform tasks more efficiently. The absence of words certainly minimises distraction, and classical music is also known for being calming, relaxing and helping reduce stress.

2. Nature Music

Listening to soothing sounds of nature, like waves, flowing water, rainfall, and even rustling leaves, can enhance cognitive function and concentration. Research has also shown that nature sounds improve mood and positivity.

3. Videogame Music

Strange as it may sound, videogame music is great for working because it is composed specifically to help you focus on solving puzzles, defeating enemies and completing tasks under pressure. It usually has no lyrics or human voices and is fairly fast-paced, and in many ways is the ideal background to keep you zipping through your tasks and daily to-do lists.

4. Ambient music

Like the other recommendations on this list, ambient music often has no or few lyrics. It has also been specifically designed not to take up too much brain space but to nevertheless keep your mind engaged on a subconscious level – a perfect background for getting tasks done and keeping distractions to a minimum.

5. White Noise

Finally, if music or nature soundtracks aren’t your thing at all, but you still find yourself getting distracted by the noises of home, try ‘white noise’ to cancel them out. This is a great alternative to music because it neutralises background sounds without adding anything to the mix, effectively minimising disturbance without causing additional distractions.

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