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Serviced office space as a solution

21st December 2012

Serviced office space as a solution

For some organisations, committing to conventional office space just isn’t an option, as this kind of space usually requires a long-term obligation as well as the typical office set-up costs – which is fine and expected, but may not suit a start-up company, or one which is only looking for temporary space in between an office move or while it’s undergoing some work at their present location. 

An alternative to obtaining a conventional office-space lease is to rent a serviced office, which enables a company to benefit from fitted-out space without a long-term commitment while in a central location. 

A serviced office is usually offered on “easy in, easy out” terms with short contract durations and a standard contract that is not negotiated by solicitors. Serviced offices tend to be proposed on a cost-per-desk basis and offer a client a ready-made office complete with phones, internet and furniture. They also tend to offer shared reception services, meeting rooms and administrational support. Typically much more expensive than conventional office space (although serviced office providers would beg to differ), the service is often used by start-ups, overseas companies setting up new locations and companies in transit between one conventional space and another.

Serviced offices can be offered in any location, and there will be no trouble in finding a serviced office space in a central location. For example, offices in Victoria are highly sought after, Victoria being a prime location due to its central position, which also allows it to benefit from easy access to all areas of London as well as direct links to international airports. With these kinds of links, it does not come as a surprise that Victoria is well known for its commercial property, hotels, tourist attractions and governmental buildings. Unfortunately conventional office space is scarce in this location, and there are definitely more serviced office solutions within this area. So if you are looking to temporarily move to offices in Victoria or you are a new company, wanting to situate yourself in a prime location, but without having to commit solidly, then taking on serviced offices could be the answer. 

As Jo Robinson, senior consultant at Morgan Prye Serviced Offices (MPSO), believes, “In the current economic climate, serviced office space is a solution for small businesses as well as large corporations and start-up companies. It offers the flexibility required in the uncertainty of today’s economy and is fast becoming an ideal option.”

If serviced office space is the perfect solution for you, then please visit our Morgan Pryce Serviced Offices website at http://www.mpso.co.uk/, which offers and assists in a comprehensive serviced office search, with access to every managed office space in London and the Greater London area. Our experienced Serviced Office department will be happy to guide and support you in your search.

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