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Privacy Policy


At Morgan Pryce, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of all our website visitors. This policy explains how we collect and store information about people visiting and using our website. It also explains how we use it, the conditions under which we may disclose it to others, and how we keep it secure. 

It applies to information we collect about:

  • visitors to our website;

  • enquiries on our website;

  • registrations on our website;

  • calls from our website using tracked advertising numbers;

  • newsletter subscriptions, email alert creation, or moving guide downloads

This policy may be updated occasionally, so please keep an eye on this page to ensure that you are happy with any changes. We might also notify you of changes to our privacy policy by email. By using the Morgan Pryce website, you are agreeing to the terms of our privacy policy. 

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or our privacy practices (or anything else), please email info@morganpryce.co.uk, write to Morgan Pryce Ltd, 11 Argyll St, Soho, London W1F 7TH or call 020 7292 4710. 

Who are we?

Morgan Pryce Ltd is an Office Space and Commercial Property Agency, specialising in tenant office space negotiation and acquisition. Morgan Pryce is registered on 11 Argyll Street, Soho, London W1F 7TH, United Kingdom. Morgan Pryce is part of the Coveyduck Group subsidiary & is a partner to CSK Projects.

What type of information is collected?

  • The personal information Morgan Pryce collects might include first name, last name, email, phone number, company name, role in company & IP address.

  • Information about your computer and about your visits to, and use of this website (morganpryce.co.uk), for example when you contact us about our services, send a property in an email, or create an account.

  • Information relating to any transactions carried out between you and us on or in relation to this website, for example when you request information about our services (including details of office searches, our data capture forms on the website, downloadable guides, rental map use, office space calculator use, and requests for more information on any office we have on our database)

  • Information that you provide to us for the purpose of registering with us or subscribing to our website services, email alerts or news updates (including all of our data capture forms on the website)

  • Any other information that you decide to send to us

  • Unless explicitly stated, we do not sell, rent or lease user information to any third party

  • Data collected from visitors to the Morgan Pryce website seeking office accommodation is only provided to parties providing such office accommodation in the geographical area specified by the visitor. Visitors to our Site seeking office accommodation may be contacted by representatives of parties providing such office accommodation with information relevant to the search, if they have registered and expressed an interest in certain areas. Information may also be used to contact users for the purpose of research of customer services

Why is this information collected?

We may store and use personal information in order to:

  • Administer the website and provide the website services Morgan Pryce offers

  • Process a request that you have made, where you’ve given us any of your details (email, phone number, name etcetera)

  • Send out information that you have requested

  • Carry out obligations arising from contracts entered into by you and Morgan Pryce

  • Responding to offline live chat requests, where contact email is collected

  • Send marketing emails, where you have given consent for us to do so (you can tell us at any time if you no longer want marketing communications, and we will remove you from our lists)

  • Enable your use of the services available on the website

  • Supply services registered for via the website

  • Send general (non-marketing) commercial communications such as property email alerts

  • Send email notifications which you have specifically requested, or that are required to fulfil contracts entered into by you and Morgan Pryce

  • Send newsletters, rental map and other marketing communications relating to our business. You can inform us at any time if you no longer require marketing communications, and we will remove you from our lists

  • Provide third parties such as Google Analytics and Facebook with statistical information about our website users – please note this information cannot be used to identify any individual user

  • Deal with enquiries and complaints made by or about you relating to the website

  • Improve your browsing experience by personalising the website.

Updating information

You can update your information in “My Account” (top-right hand side corner on the website). If you have trouble accessing your account and need to correct or update information, please let us know and we will help you.

Updating or removing your information from our website or mailing lists

We of course would prefer to update you with the latest Commercial Property news and other relevant updates. You can opt out from communications at any moment.  

You will very soon be able to go to “My Account” on our website and untick the opt in box, alternatively you can select to opt in or out right away when signing up. Until our updated website changes are launched, you can send us an email or give us a call, and we will make sure to update your preferences.

If you want to delete your account, we’ll of course be very sorry to see you go. Account deletion will shortly be done in the “My Account” section as well. At the moment, if you want to delete your account, you will be able to just drop us an email or give us a call, and we’ll remove your details for you.

How we use Cookies

Like many other companies, Morgan Pryce uses cookies. A cookie consists of information sent by a web server to a website visitor. The visitor’s web browser then stores information regarding the visitor’s use of the website, and each time the visitor goes to the same site, that information is sent back to the web server.

This enables the web server to identify and track the web browser, and it helps us provide a user-friendly and more tailored experience. You can read more about this on our Cookies Policy page.  Go to our Cookies Policy to read more about how we use Cookies.  


We may disclose information about you to any companies that are part of our group of subsidiaries, including our partner CSK Projects. We may disclose information about you to any of our employees, officers, agents, suppliers or subcontractors or third parties when it is reasonably necessary for the purposes listed in this privacy policy. In addition, we may disclose your personal information:  

  • In order to fulfil contractual obligations between Morgan Pryce and anyone who has used our website and services, for example when you have created an email alert

  • To the degree that we are required to do so by law

  • Relating to any occurring or potential legal proceedings

  • To confirm, defend or exercise Morgan Pryce’s legal rights, such as giving information to others to prevent fraud and reduce credit risk

  • To the buyer (or prospective buyer) of any business or asset we might be selling, or contemplating selling

  • To any individual who we reasonably believe may apply to a court or other competent authority for disclosure of personal information where we believe the relevant court authority might be reasonably likely to order disclosure of specific personal information

Except as stated in this privacy policy, we will not provide your information to third parties. 

Security of your personal information

We will take technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. We will store all the personal information you provide on our secure, password and firewall protected servers through a GDPR compliant cloud platform. You can read more about how we store our website further down in this policy.

Of course, data transmission over the internet is occasionally insecure, and we cannot guarantee the security of data sent over the internet, as we cannot in advance ascertain what type of web connection, web browser and web security individual users have in place.

Links to other websites

This privacy notice does not cover links to other websites. We encourage anyone browsing the web to read the privacy statements on the other websites you visit, as well.

Job applicants, current and former employees

Morgan Pryce is the data controller for the information you provide when applying for a job, unless stated otherwise. This information will not be shared, and it will only be used to progress your application or for us to meet legal requirements.

If you start working at Morgan Pryce, we will ask you for bank, address and emergency contact details. You have the right to review, update and potentially delete any information we hold about you, unless we are required to hold it by law. The necessary information will be stored for your employment duration, and for six years after the end of your employment. 

If you have any questions about the process, please contact us at info@morganpryce.co.uk.


Third Parties

Security and performance

We use GDPR compliant computer and email systems to communicate with our customers and suppliers safely. We monitor any emails sent to us, including file attachments, for viruses or malicious software. Please be aware that you have a responsibility to ensure that any email you send is within the bounds of the law.

We use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, in order to safely store customer information. This is also GDPR compliant. For more information about the systems we use, and how we ensure they comply with the GDPR, please contact us via email or phone.

We use a third-party service to help maintain the security and performance of our website and computer systems, called Refocus IT. To deliver this service, Refocus IT has access to view and process the information we store about individuals. Refocus only accesses information through the GDPR compliant platforms that Morgan Pryce uses.

To read more about Refocus IT, please go to https://www.refocusit.com/, alternatively if you would like more information about our partnership with the company, please contact us via email or phone.

Website hosting

Our website is hosted on a third-party cloud service that is GDPR compliant. The specific platform’s security and privacy team of experts work together with their lawyers, regulatory and compliance specialists to ensure the solution’s compliance and security.

For security reasons, we do not share this information publicly on our website. For more information about our website hosting, please contact us via email or phone.

Website publishing

We use an established third-party service to publish and manage our website. We use a standard solution to manage our website services, and we collect the necessary information to do so, such as registrations, email alerts, shortlists and newsletter signups. The nature of our site requires visitors that want to use our services and tools to enter name, email address, phone number, and company details.

For more information about how our website publishing platform protects your data, please contact our team via email or phone.

Google Analytics & Google AdWords

Google Analytics is used as a third-party service to gather internet log information about visitors and their behaviour patterns, such as pages visited, landing page analysis, time spent on each page and general website usage.

We use Google Analytics to view, analyse and improve our website and its functionalities. This information is not processed in any way to identify visitors, and no user-specific data is collected by us or any other third party. 

We use Google AdWords in order to show relevant ads to our current and potential customers. These ads are based on web searches, interests Google has identified, and previous web browsing. Google AdWords saves user statistics for 540 days in remarketing lists.  

We do not attempt to identify individual website visitors, and we do not agree to Google trying to find this out either. We will always be transparent with any personal information we ask to collect through our website, with a clear intent and purpose.

For more information, please read:

Zendesk Chat & Support

We use third-party platform Zendesk Support to offer a Live Chat on our website. If you use the Zendesk service, we will collect your name, email address (optional) and the Chat session contents. This information will be retained for 120 days and will not be shared with other organisations. You can request a transcript of your Zendesk Chat session if you provide your email address during your session.

You can read more about Zendesk and how they comply with the GDPR and ICO;

Lead Forensics

Morgan Pryce uses Lead Forensics in order to view web leads on our website. Lead Forensics is a software that shows what official company a website visitor is originating from.

Lead Forensics does not provide any personal information, it solely lists the business name, business phone number and website.

Lead Forensics is GDPR compliant, please read more on their website;

Social media

We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ to manage our social media interactions. If you use a social media platform, you consent to each individual platform’s privacy policy.

We may also use Facebook and Instagram advertising in order to reach visitors to this website with tailored content. For example, if you have viewed a product on our site, we may show you relevant ads. This way we can offer customised content based on your interests.

To read more about the Facebook and Instagram’s Privacy Policies:

If you send us a private or direct message via social media, please be aware that the message will be stored by the relevant platform. If you want your message to be removed, please contact us on the relevant platform with a reference to the message, and once we have confirmed deletion, please delete it from your own account.


When you call the Morgan Pryce office number, or advertising number which is managed by ResponseTap the company will collect your phone number, and show us where the call came from (if the call came from one of our adverts, or if the call came from an organic visitor). We use this information to monitor and improve our advertising.

Read more about ResponseTap privacy policy on;


We sometimes use MailChimp to send newsletters and exclusive sales offers. From MailChimp we collect statistics such as openings and link clicks using standard technologies, including clear gifs, which helps us monitor and improve our newsletters.

You will shortly be able to change your newsletter preferences in “Your Account” on our website, until then you can send us email and we will remove you from our mailing list.

For more information, please see MailChimp’s privacy notice:

Use of recruitment agencies, LinkedIn and Indeed as data processors

We use recruitment agencies as third parties on some occasions. These provide recruitment services for Morgan Pryce. Please ask for the privacy policy from your recruitment company if applying for a role ad Morgan Pryce through an agency.

We sometimes also use LinkedIn or Indeed to recruit new staff. When recruiting through LinkedIn, we will access the information you have published on your LinkedIn profile when you apply for a position with us.

LinkedIn is currently working to get the platform GDPR compliant by May 2018, and are updating their customer agreements to reflect the new requirements.

Indeed and its data protection team works to always ensure the platform’s users and their personal data is protected, and always clarifies what information is collected, and for what purposes.

Read the LinkedIn and Indeed privacy policies in relation to data protection and the GDPR:

Accessing your stored information

You have the right to access information held about you by making a “subject access request” under the Data Protection Act 1998. Please note that we need a proof of identity in order to share personal details. To request access to view any personal information we may hold, please send a written request addressing it to our email or postal address.

If we hold information about you, Morgan Pryce will:

  • give you a description of it

  • tell you the reason to why we are holding it

  • tell you who it could be disclosed to

  • provide you with a copy of the information in a comprehensible form within one month of receiving your request

Your rights

If you want to learn more about your individual rights regarding personal information, such as the right to amend, access and delete any of your personal information held by us, or any other company, visit: https://ico.org.uk/for-the-public/is-my-information-being-handled-correctly/

Review of this Policy

This Policy is regularly reviewed and was last updated in May 2018.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read through all of this information. We hope you have found answers to your questions. If you have anything else you would like to talk about, remember the Morgan Pryce team is just an email away on info@morganpryce.co.uk.

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