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February 2013

Overseas money turns London into a ghost town

The social and financial aspects of real estate are inextricably linked. The surge of overseas money into London’s residential market has had a dramatic impact. House prices have risen significantly, making the residential market an increasingly appealing investment and as a result many property developments have been driven further out...
28th February 2013

Background of UK investment market

These days almost any newsworthy statistics seem to be bandied about in billions: Greek debt, National Health Service budget, the cost of new aircraft carriers and the like. But actually how much is a billion pounds? Can we imagine it? A million pounds stacked in £20 notes is 5.56 metres...
28th February 2013

Building a Portfolio

In the present economic situation it is extremely important to ensure you have a well-balanced and risk-free portfolio. 
27th February 2013

Barratt’s London residential portfolio boosted

The heightened value of residential property in comparison to that of commercial space in the City has been evidenced by the Barratt purchase of the Department of Transport’s former offices.  The builder purchased the property, 76 Marsham Street in West London, with the intention of converting it into 60 luxury...
26th February 2013

The Middle East to get its own ‘Shard’

This month saw the opening of the Shard to the public; London’s latest distinctive landmark. The building appears to have made such an impression that it has formed the inspiration for a similar building to be constructed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This isn’t a kind of ‘Shard franchise’, however, that...
25th February 2013

Peaks and troughs of property investment locations

Reports focusing on 2012 statistics emphasised the noticeable influx of foreign investment into the London real estate sector, bringing the city into the top five in Europe in terms of real estate investment. It was a trend which could not have been predicted a few years ago, the capital’s popularity...
22nd February 2013

British Land makes major investment in the retail and office market

One of the largest real estate investment companies has just made an enormous £184-million investment to expand its portfolio. This investment was primarily retail focused with a 300,000-square-foot shopping centre in Ealing Broadway being purchased from Wereldhave for £142.5 million.  The Dutch real estate investment company, Wereldhave, originally purchased the...
21st February 2013

The hidden cost of London’s development

"I must get some sea air" is an expression frequently heard by those of us living and working in London. It is different, invigorating, makes one feel healthy. Research carried out by Exeter University based upon the National Census 2001 did indeed reveal that the nearer people lived to the...
20th February 2013

Skelia is pleased to announce the opening of a new London office

London continues to welcome new businesses as international companies see the capital as a vital step in their expansion plans. One such company is Skelia, which has recently acquired a London office whose focus will be on sales, development and project management. Skelia, while not a household name, is internationally...
19th February 2013

Vacant properties

Since the recession in 2007 the number of businesses which have filed for insolvency has gone through the roof; this has led to a huge number of vacant properties. At present landlords are so worried about potential business tenants going bust, a six-month rent deposit has become the norm and...
18th February 2013

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