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August 2015

The Evolution of the Flexible office space

The concept of the ‘working life’ has changed dramatically over the last 40-50 years; historically people left school and found work, in an office, retail or industrial environment, and stayed until they retired. There was no diversion. This had an impact on the type of workplace and indeed office space...
26th August 2015

Service offices spread

As landlord demand more permanent terms and start-up companies have shorter life spans than ever, the need for flexible work space increases. The benefits to having serviced office is you can move in ASAP, it can come with furniture, and there is flexibility in the terms you need to sign...
25th August 2015
The Summer Lull

The Summer Lull

The month of August is notoriously slow, the market grinds to a halt as seemingly every agent vacates London to sip Pina Colada’s poolside. At Morgan Pryce we have mixed views about this time of the year. Fraser Williams is often heard claiming he doesn’t go on holiday over the...
24th August 2015

Global property investment set for huge increase on 2014

The commercial property market has seen an increase in global investment over the last 6 months. With over $318bn (£203bn) invested already, an increase of 15% of the equivalent period last year. The global increase hides the difference in volume across global regions. Europe and North America are enjoying a...
19th August 2015

Stratford – an emerging market

When a businesses lease come up for renewal, if you are based London the realisation you will double your occupational costs by staying put, hits home. What do you do? This is the question over 50% of Morgan Pryce’s client come to us asking.
18th August 2015

New rent record around the corner?

St James’s Square is the location of the building that might shortly become a record-breaker. Green Property is launching one of London’s most exclusive office buildings this month, with expected rents at a level of £150 per square foot. 
17th August 2015

Effective work space

When looking for a new office space, one of the first questions is how much space do we need? This hugely depends on the type of business you are. In some companies the directors will all want their own offices for privacy and quiet, where other companies all work open...
14th August 2015

Central London office rents in different league to Greater London areas

The London office market has seen vast increases in rent, with demand for office space eclipsing the supply and availability across the central market. Rental prices have hit record highs in many core areas; £180 per sq. ft. in St. James, £80 per sq. ft. in SE1 and for offices...
13th August 2015

The White Collar Factory

The White Collar Factory is one of Derwent London’s most ambitious schemes to date, the redevelopment of a major corner site at Silicon Roundabout in the Heart of London’s Tech City with provide a new 16 – storey 237,000 sq. ft. office tower incorporating the White Collar Factory concept and...
12th August 2015

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