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July 2013

Sirosa close to completing one of West End’s largest office deals

The German family investment vehicle is looking to purchase their second large office deal within months. Sirosa, who is acting on behalf of Conley Family, are close to completing one of the largest West End office deals ever, as they look to spend £610 million to purchase Shell-Merx House at...
30th July 2013

Office attire

With this heat wave passing over, the decision of what to wear to work when you are going into a Central London office has become a regular topic of conversation. Throughout the people tend to know exactly what they can get away with, whether it be fully suited and booted...
29th July 2013

Can speculative office development keep up with the growth rate in London?

The UK’s largest real estate investment trust, Land Securities Group PLC (LAND) advised in a recent report of theirs that the vacancy rates in their properties have not changed since the beginning of the recession in 2008. If anything their vacancy rates have dropped significantly during the past 5 years. 
25th July 2013

Scalpel opens up new investment opportunity

At the risk of making London sound like a box of kitchen implements, the latest addition to the landmark skyscrapers is set to be ‘the Scalpel’. This joins The Shard, the Cheesegrater, and the Gherkin. This latest building – tall, thin and angled – will be situated near the now-quaintly...
24th July 2013

The Office: the real and the virtual

‘I’m not an office person’ is a comment heard a lot, either by an office worker looking wistfully out of the window or by a fire-fighter, nurse, postman, gardener or pilot. The phrase ‘office gossip’ speaks for itself, that chatter that takes up a good proportion of a working day....
23rd July 2013

Baby Wales born in Paddington to the Duchess of Cambridge

The run of UK good news continued yesterday with the announcement of the baby son born to Prince William and his wife Kate. Following last year’s Olympic Games, Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and recent British sporting triumphs in tennis, rugby, cricket and cycling, the news of the royal birth promises that...
23rd July 2013

Paddington: Please Look After This Station

Irvine Sellar is clearly ready to move on to his next project: the developer of The Shard now plans to redevelop the outdated surroundings of Paddington Station. In recent weeks, there have been more than murmurs and rumours circulating around the property market about the potential redevelopment of Paddington Station...
22nd July 2013

Scorching summer sun but is the property market hot?

The sun is out and the last thing the majority of people want to be spending their time doing is sitting in an office working well while gazing longingly out the window, especially when the office is not air conditioned. There is a surprising amount of offices in Central London...
19th July 2013

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