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The pros and cons of pet-friendly offices

The pros and cons of pet-friendly offices
1st January 2022

The pros and cons of pet-friendly offices

Pet-friendly workplaces are becoming increasingly common in today’s business culture. Many global firms now allow their employees to bring pets to work, and studies have indicated that there may be huge benefits associated with making your office pet-friendly. But how true is the hype? Does bringing a puppy to work really have such a huge influence on an office environment, or is the new trend just a fad — one with a large cleaning bill?

Let’s consider some of the pros and cons of bringing pets into the workplace.


Stress reduction

One of the most notable benefits of allowing dogs in the office is that they reduce stress. Research has shown that employees who bring their dogs to work report lower stress levels and higher levels of job satisfaction, and have a more positive perception of their employer.

Teamwork and innovation

The presence of a pet in the office can be a fantastic vehicle for social interaction — promoting teamwork, communication and collaboration. As collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation, anything that helps foster productive teamworking helps to facilitate business success.

Improved employee recruitment & retention

Employees in pet-friendly businesses tend to work longer hours and take fewer days off, because they don’t need to go home to let the dog out or stay home to look after an unwell animal. This leads to greater productivity and also increases staff retention, as employees value a workplace that means they can bring their pet to work and effectively combine the two areas of responsibility.


Allergies and phobias

Many people are allergic to pets, sometimes quite severely. Others people can be very fearful of certain animals, especially dogs. For these employees, a pet-friendly office can be a place of considerable stress, leading to unhappiness and reduced productivity.


Dogs need to be taken out regularly for walks and toilet breaks, and may cause noise issues with barking or whining. They also tend to draw lots of attention, and people may be more concerned with playing with the office puppy than focusing on their work!

Health and safety risks

Even with the best trained dogs accidents happen. From soiling the carpets and chewing the furniture to much more serious incidents of biting or aggression, there are many health and safety risks associated with pets in the workplace — some of which can have fairly severe legal consequences.


So, while allowing pets in the office may indeed bring a wealth of benefits, there are also several negatives to consider. However, the creation of a comprehensive policy will help you to address and manage the potential pet pitfalls ahead of time. Here are some of the top concerns it should include:

  • Behaviour
  • Training
  • Insurance policies
  • Pet free areas so employees who are unsure/allergic/phobic feel safe and valued

With comprehensive planning and effective implementation, a well-executed policy will mean there is every reason to allow pets into the workplace and enjoy all the benefits they can bring to an office environment.

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