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September 2016

London most expensive city in the World for tech business start ups

London most expensive city in the World for tech business start ups

The past 18 months have seen rental records being shattered across the capital. St James’s achieved the global record, with prices reaching £185 per sq ft, whilst rents in SE1, midtown, The City and Canary Wharf have all increased dramatically. London is the centre for commercial real estate; rents have...
27th September 2016
Property Smart London Councils

Property Smart London Councils

In the wake of government cuts, councils are finding themselves being ever more cautious with expenditure, and even searching for alternative means of generating capital. This has led to many councils managing their property assets more efficiently, refurbishing, increasing rents, attracting new tenants and making use of unoccupied sites. Assets...
22nd September 2016

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Power to appeal business rates

It is not widely known that companies are able to appeal business rates; as it’s a government tax it’s not unreasonable to assume that what they say goes.
20th September 2016
Australian gym looking to roll out 50 studios across the UK

Australian gym looking to roll out 50 studios across the UK

Australian gym provider F45 Training has set its sights on acquiring an impressive 50 locations across the UK within the next year. The company – which was set up with the unique selling point of offering high-intensity training sessions – has its maiden studio in London Bridge, and has recruited...
15th September 2016
Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is a very topical issue at the moment, with it making quite the name for itself across the UK. But what is it, you ask? It is an invasive plant that can seriously damage hard surfaces such as foundations and tarmac, and is causing great concern for property...
13th September 2016
Sweett Group Bribery Fine

Sweett Group Bribery Fine

The RICS have doled out a handful of fines over the last few years relating to breaches of code, dishonesty and bribery. The largest fine to date – £125,000 plus £4,590 in costs) – was imposed on Sweett Group in February 2016, whose subsidiary company, Cyril Sweett International Ltd., bribed...
12th September 2016
Retirement Rental Homes

Retirement Rental Homes

Retirement rental homes are a new concept to the UK; it has long been thought that people in retirement prefer to own their homes. Therefore, PegasusLife, a retirement homebuilder who traditionally construct homes for sale off plan, is rather stepping into the unknown with their plans to build 133 Cotswold...
9th September 2016

Shard picks up platinum Wiredscore connectivity rating

Connectivity provisions and issues are one of the leading requirements when searching for new office space, as they have an impact on productivity, potential growth and the overall efficiency of a business. Wiredscore has established an international rating service that outlines the infrastructure, connectivity and technological capability of a building.
7th September 2016

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