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August 2013

No affordable housing: no conversion

The fact that developers are targeting London’s climbing residential market has been demonstrated recently by an application from a developer in South London to renovate an empty 1960s office building. Unfortunately for the developer, the Planning Inspector did not agree that the proposals were adequate to meet required affordable housing...
28th August 2013

Bids are in for QVC building

It has been revealed this week that Standard Life is buying the London headquarters of the television channel, QVC, known as Building 8. The property, in Chiswick Park on Chiswick High Road, and comprising 126,000 square feet over five floors, is costing the asset-management buyer £71 million, in a deal...
26th August 2013

Covenant strength key for landlords

Since the recession, which is now almost 6 years ago, landlords for commercial space have been forced to change their attitudes towards tenants regarding the surety that they require from incoming tenants. This is because over the past 5 years landlords have seen many of their tenants get in to...
23rd August 2013

A lack of supply for offices in London

It won’t come as a surprise to fellow property personnel’s, as well as those searching for opportunities in the market, that there is a major lack of supply of office space at the moment. Not only is there a lack of supply of leased office space but there is practically...
22nd August 2013

The Property market awaits September!

As any property professional will tell you, the property market tends to slow down quite drastically come the last couple of weeks of July and for pretty much the whole of August, mirroring the school summer holidays. While this pattern is common in many industries, the property industry seems to...
21st August 2013

Carney’s confidence helps commercial property sector

According to a new report on the UK’s property market, the value of commercial property increased last month, amounting to the third month of growth in a row.  The report, by Investment Property Databank, looked at values of offices, warehouses and retail properties, and indicates that confidence in the market...
20th August 2013

Newbuild first choice for overseas investors

The popularity of Central London property for investors from overseas is continuing according to recent figures. Of particular interest in the current climate is newbuild residential property in prime London locations. Chesterton Humberts indicates that as much as 65 to 75% of such newbuild homes in the capital have been...
19th August 2013

Commercial property sector continues to improve

A recent report undertaken by CBRE, under their UK Monthly Index is showing that in the month of July the performance within the commercial property sector has continued to improve. Capital values have apparently increased by 0.4% which is now the fourth consecutive month of positive growth.  
16th August 2013

Rates contest

As I sit in Morgan Pryce’s office by Oxford Circus I can’t help but think about noise disturbance. Bearing in mind our office is located almost on top of Oxford Circus in one of the busiest spots in the world it is not exactly a quiet and tranquil environment surrounding...
15th August 2013

Future bright(er) for UK commercial development

This week’s news that the residential property market in the UK and particularly London is mirrored on a larger scale in terms of commercial property development. A greater availability of lending has contributed to the stimulation of the commercial sector – and in fact the trend of increased development is...
14th August 2013

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