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October 2015


China’s largest residential real estate developer Vanke, who is renowned for developing, managing and selling residential properties across more than 60 mainland Chinese cities in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai-Rim Region, is due to make its debut investment in Europe. Vanke has already expanded to the...
30th October 2015

West Side Shard

Paddington is a very desired located with a lack of Grade A space, as the area is full of developments occupiers eagerly await the influx in availability and gentrification of the area which will follow. When exiting East of the station the quality of office building is already in line...
26th October 2015

Student Accommodation

With yields shrinking and value becoming harder to find, there seems to be a light leading investors towards the student property market in search of a more worthwhile investment. There are 160 universities in the UK with approximately 2.5 million students, 700 higher education colleges and currently an estimated 170,000...
23rd October 2015

Office to Residential conversion kills available stock

The next 12-18 months of the London commercial property market is looking like the same story as the previous 12 months; a lack of office stock across Central London, which in turn is squeezing rental prices up across the Capital. Indeed, this is not just the case in Central London....
21st October 2015

Online Auctions

In a world where you can buy anything online from your grocery shopping to a car, why not Commercial property? The concept of being able to buy commercial property online has many pro’s and con’s depending on the property but is still a great platform for vendors to move through...
19th October 2015

Malaysian Money Going Home

The Malaysian Ringgit has never been strong, currently 6.39661 MYR to 1 GDP, but with fears of the currency further weakening the Malaysian government has told institutions to sell overseas assets and reinvest the capital in Malaysia in a bid to improve the economy and strengthen the currency. Last year...
16th October 2015

JP’s Canary

JP Morgan, an American multinational banking and financial services company, has put on hold the sale of a large portion of land in Canary wharf which it bought on a long lease hold interest from the Canary Wharf Group for £237 million back in 2008. 
13th October 2015

Business Rates shake up as Councils now have power to keep income

Yesterday revealed news that there will be a huge change in the way companies pay Business Rates across the UK. The chancellor, George Osborne, announced that the UK’s entire business rates income will be held directly by local authorities; uniform business rates as we know them will be ended. The...
9th October 2015
SEGRO and the GLA

SEGRO and the GLA

SEGRO plc is a property investment and development company, based in the UK, that focuses on city fringe locations in the UK and Europe, and is the largest industrial property company in Europe.
6th October 2015

The Christmas Rush

As autumn is now officially upon us the anticipation of Christmas is already on everybody’s minds, pop up Christmas shops are emerging and Christmas holiday plans are being made. The build up to Christmas in the commercial property industry is no different, everyone wants to move by Christmas, the rush...
1st October 2015

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