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Conducting effective meetings with effective meeting spaces

Conducting effective meetings with effective meeting spaces
20th May 2019

Conducting effective meetings with effective meeting spaces

Meetings are the cornerstone of effective business working. They foster communication and collaboration, and they are where new ideas and organisational strategies are formulated.

With advances in technology and evolving workplace environments, the concept of the traditional meeting has become more fluid. From virtual conferences that connect companies on different sides of the world, to sociable café sessions for trendy SMEs and freelancers, the idea of the meeting has become less suits around a long table and more active networking.

However, there is still something to be said for having a dedicated space to meet clients and co-workers face-to-face. And in a time when space in London is at a premium and many companies are looking to stay as agile as possible, external meeting rooms are having a moment.

What are external meeting rooms?
Usually available to hire by the hour, external meeting rooms are ready to use spaces where you can go to meet clients and co-workers. Generally serviced and often customisable, they offer immediate access to useful facilities and equipment, and provide a private space to conduct vital consultations away from your usual office environment.

What benefits can they offer?

  • Convenience
    From comfortable, stylish furniture to high-speed internet and state-of-the-art computer facilities, with an external meeting room you’ll have immediate access to everything you need for a productive and successful meeting.

  • Space-saving
    With square footage at a premium, particularly in London, there’s an emerging trend for businesses to use external meeting room facilities as required, rather than to take on additional space in their headquarters that may end up under-used.

  • Low costs
    This one is a given. It is far more cost-effective to rent space on a ‘need only’ basis, especially with the vast range of sizes and types of meeting rooms available. In fact, if the alternative is taking clients out for lunch or even for coffee, an hour in a rented space will be much cheaper.

  • Change it up
    Sometimes, a change of environment simply for change’s sake can be exactly what your business needs to reinvigorate workforce engagement and productivity. External meeting rooms offer a more creative and productive atmosphere away from the normal office environment, where you can strategize without distraction.

  • A sense of occasion
    Even for companies with great internal meeting facilities, external meeting rooms can deliver an added touch of grandeur when you need to impress existing or potential clients. Not only do they create a sense of occasion, they also give access to the best possible facilities and services — stimulating productivity and ensuring that your meeting runs smoothly.

  • Face-to-face contact
    Although virtual meetings have become very popular, and have indeed facilitated better international collaboration and working than ever before, there is still a lot to be said for meeting clients and co-workers face-to-face every now and again.

  • Professional spaces for SMEs and freelancers
    For most freelancers, start-ups and SMEs without access to meeting space in their company offices, hosting clients in a well-chosen meeting room offers a far more professional (not to mention cost-effective) setting than a coffee shop or hotel lobby.

There are many variations to the concept of the external meeting room, with different choices available to suit every business size and meeting type. And as the concept gathers weight, it is becoming an increasingly valuable option for all kinds of companies looking to network and expand through fostering collaborative relationships.

This news was brought to you by Morgan Pryce, a specialist tenant acquisition agent with offices in Oxford Circus and the City. Morgan Pryce specialises in search, negotiation and project management and works exclusively for tenants.

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